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Medizinische Thai-Massage

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A holistic Approach where Mind, Body & Soul unite in Harmony to create Balance, Happiness & Joy.


Are you ready to feel radiant & vibrantly calm? Reveal your potential.


We blend ancient yoga sciences and modern accessible practices to create transformation and empower you.



Yoga helps to develop harmoniously, to develop personality and makes us feel that physical exercises contribute to your well-being, so that later on you we will have no difficulties in dealing with our body effortlessly and understanding the signals of our own body.



Yoga, meditation, breathwork and singing help to calm down and has the following positive effects. Strengthens muscles and prevents posture problems, improve body and sensory perceptions.. Trains motor skills and use of strength. Leads to better learning ability. Increases attention and concentration. Supports balance and helps to find inner peace. Makes fun and joy. Meditation and mindfulness exercises enhance the concentration.



The human body is a holistic entity comprised of various interrelated dimensions inseparable from one another and the health or illness of any one dimension affects the other dimensions. Individuals and their needs are unique and therefore must be approached in a way that acknowledges this individuality and their practice must be tailored accordingly. Yoga is self-empowering; the student is his or her own healer. Yoga engages the student in the healing process; by playing an active role in their journey toward health, the healing comes from within, instead of from an outside source and a greater sense of autonomy is achieved. The quality and state of an individuals mind is crucial to healing. When the individual has a positive mind-state healing happens more quickly, whereas if the mind-state is negative, healing may be prolonged.

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